Selling to the Seven Emotional Buying Styles

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Emotional Intelligence is today’s buzz word. After reading this book the reader will be able to pick a person’s emotional style within 90 seconds and use practical tools to engage emotionally and influence conversations. While widely applicable, in this book I provide simple everyday tools to use emotion to close that important sale.

In business every sale is the result of two human beings sitting down and agreeing to move forward with a joint solution. Your client engages you to deliver a business result because they trust you to deliver on your word. In this book I deliver the practical tools to make this real and deliver real commercial relationships which are honest, sincere, of value and meaning to both parties.

You will  meet;

    • The Hustler
    • The Artist
    • The Normal
    • The Engineer
    • The Politician
    • The Double Checker
    • The Mover

Like me I am sure you find this fresh take on Emotional Intelligence of interest.

 Reviews of the book

Goodbye DISC, Hello Emotional Style. We now have an application of decision-making for those of us who sell for a living.” D. Seidman – one of the top twelve sales  coaches as ranked by Selling Power magazine

If I knew the emotional styles before my close rate  would have increased dramatically” – E. Pizzolato – review for Australian Sales & Marketing Institute

Power packed practical guide to understanding and working with emotional styles of  people making a decision” – Chris Widner – author of the Art of Influence

Sales people … will increase sales by having a better understanding of emotional buying styles” – K. Barrot –  Author, Salesman and Mentor

Clear descriptions of the seven types hits home immediately and you’ll find yourself thinking “Oh! That is exactly like so and so…” – Cath Stephensen – CEO Stephensen Training

“Very practical book that offers some meaty tips and suggestions for anyone who is serious about understanding what really motivates the buyers of their products or services” – Paul Niederer – CEO Australian Small Scale Offerings Board

Greg Ferrett’s book is the first time I have come across a personality profiling tool so simple and straight forward complete with practical tools anyone can implement straight away. Other books and methodologies, like DISC, may provide great concepts, however, when it comes to use outside the classroom there is just no comparison.” – Ian Wells – CEO Hot Air Conferencing

I have found most sales people do not like reading long, turgid, academic analyses of how to sell. They would rather have a beer! … This book, however, can help in the learning and development process and so I recommend it. ” – Charles B Kovess, LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., CSP, MAICD – CEO & Founder, Kovess International, Author of Passionate People Produce and Passionate Performance. Australasia’s Passion Provocateur©

Gregory Ferrett understands the truth of our decision-making: it starts with emotion … There are many salespeople who are blessed with an intuitive ability to read emotions. For those not so fortunate, this book provides a guide based on behavioural clues that help identify what causes a buyer to act or pass on their offering. ” – Sharon V Parker – Author of Selling with Soul

This book is easy reading, practical, and goes far beyond sales in its application … This is an everyday relationship guide for anyone and everyone. ” – Merna Short

With the changing landscape of sales where the buyer holds more power than ever before, any edge a sales person brings to the negotiating table is important. Knowing how to read people and cater to their emotional buying styles is just that edge. Selling to the 7 Emotional Buying Styles clearly and succinctly highlights the seven styles and how to sell to each one. This book is a must read!” – Michael Gavin – Sales Enablement Practice Manager ASTD

In this outstanding book Greg Ferrett has distilled the essence of business relationships. “Every sale, in the end, is a result of two human beings sitting down and agreeing to move forward with a joint solution. Your client engages you to deliver a business result because they trust you to deliver on your word – and this is because of the trust they have in the relationship they have with you. Real commercial relationships are honest, sincere, of value and meaning to both parties.”

This is one book everyone involved in sales must read. You will do well to copy the table of green and red buttons and put it in a place of prominence to remind you every day” – Alan Chatterton – PricewaterhouseCoopers partner (retired)

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