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Can you know your Client or Prospect’s Green and Red Buttons & Ideal Closing Style before you go into a meeting?

By Gregory Ferrett

Welcome to Monday


I was watching over the shoulder of a ‘World of Warcraft’ player and noticed every time they went around a corner, entered a room or moved into an new unexplored area they always entered with enthusiasm and guns blazing. Even when they were playing as a team every member did the same thing.

I could not help but reflect on how salespeople often go into a meeting with a prospect in the same way. They have all the samples, brochures and all the latest sales aids ready to blast the prospect off the face of the Earth, with enthusiasm of course. I am sure every one of us has done the same thing sometime in our career.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go into the meeting with your prospect knowing, in advance, exactly what their green buttons were; what you needed to say to move the sale forward and the ideal way to close them?

And you didn’t have to have muscle ready to enter the Olympics just to carry the load?

Sales Analyzer

My good friend Michael Tregonning, winner of multiple sales awards in his lifetime; Insurance Sales champion and Emotional Intelligence expert, has developed the world’s first  Smartphone app which will allow you to do this.

I have been evaluating Michael’s Sales Analyzer app, developed in conjunction with the University of Ballarat, and it is truly amazing. Simply answer a few questions about your prospect / client and you are presented with a list of the ideal way to work with them, their emotional style and best tactics to close the deal.

Once entered their profile is saved so the next time you visit with them, or talk with them

Sales Analyzer Screen Shot
Sales Analyzer Screen Shot

on the telephone, you are reminded again of the ideal way to handle them. Check up what words to ues on that important email to be sure you are pushing their green button.

Michael and I have worked on emotional intelligence learning programs and tools for sales people since the early 1990’s developing games like ‘The Gatekeepers‘ and the book ‘Selling to the 7 Emotional Buying Styles‘.

The Sales Analyzer brings the understanding of emotional intelligence into the 22nd century. Every sales person now has a simple way of uncovering the emotional style of their prospects without the need to master psychology.

Selling with nothing

With this app a salesperson can quite comfortably go into a meeting with a prospect and take nothing but a notepad.

What!” you say, “How can I sell my product or service when I have nothing to show the prospect?”

The Sales Analyzer gets to the heart of the sale, the emotional drivers behind a decision. While a demonstration might need to be done to confirm a sale the first, and most important part of any successful sale, is all about emotional engagement. According to Michael Tregonning “…It has  absolutely nothing to do with your product. The first part of any successful sale is all about establishing a relationship.”

Michael goes on to say “The more successful you are at establishing this relationship the harder it is for your prospect to say ‘no’ because they are now saying no to you.”

Are you hiding behind your Product or Service?

Step back and look at what product focus and enthusiasm is subconsciously doing. If you lead with your product or service your prospect can easily say no as they have no emotional attachment to it. If you lead with yourself and establish emotional  engagement it is much tougher for your prospect to say ‘no’ as they are now saying no to someone they are emotionally attached to.

So if your prospect/client says “What have you got to show me?” what they are really saying is “Don’t talk to me because I might get to like you. Just show me your product so I have something I can easily say ‘no’ to.”

Today’s question and actions

Download the app today by going to and entering ‘Sales Analyzer’ (with a ‘z’) in the search box. The investment is about the same as a cup of coffee. Alternatively you could go to Michael’s website to learn more.

  • Try the app with your colleagues, family and friends to help you understand how it works and become comfortable with the uncanny accuracy it has uncovering emotional intelligence
  • Before you meet with your next client use the app to develop a few ideas to establish a relationship and tell you more about their emotional intelligence
  • Try some of the suggestions the app provides with your client / pospect

I am sure you will be as amazed as I was. If you are I am sure Michael will appreciate your  evaluation on the Google Play store.

Have a great week!

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