If only everyone wore a ‘tell all’ Tee Shirt

tell-all-t-shirtWouldn’t it be great if everyone wore a tee shirt that told us what they think and even better still, how they want your product or service presented to them.

Well, in a lot of ways that is exactly what people do whether they are aware of it or not. Prospects and clients are telling us who they are and what turns them on. They express themselves uniquely by the way.

  • They dress
  • What they talk about
  • How they make comments about other people
  • How they express their opinions

All business people and salespeople have to do is….

  • Ask the right questions
  • Listen
  • Observe

To explore this theme further, lets look at the commonly used expression:  “Been there – Done Thattee-shirt-got the tee shirt

This expression first started to appear in the 1970’s and by the 1980’s Australians with their typical laconic sense of humor extended the saying to “Been There – Done That – Got the Tee Shirt”

So if everyone wore that TELL ALL Tee Shirt it would help us recognize the seven (7) primary Emotional Buying Styles. Lets have a quick look at each of them.


tee-shirt-I could have done such a better jobThis FIRST style is not just happy to wear the Tee Shirt, he/she also wants to know how it was made what materials were used and how can it be made better.



tee-shirt-and I won this tee shirtThis SECOND style wants to tell you how terrific he/she is…..all the time Persistent perseverance will be required here.



This THIRD style cares very deeply about a lot of different issues so tread carefully or youtee-shirt-how much I care will alienate them with a clumsy or insensitive remark.



tee-shirt-safety colourThis FOURTH Buying Style spends their life anticipating problems. They worry far to much and would not like to admit that worry is experiencing the physical affect of something that hasn’t actually happened. If your product or service implies any form of risk they will retreat very quickly and just not buy.


The FIFTH Style buys early, buys quickly then they stop listening. If you want to keep their tee-shirt-one forall my friendsbusiness be aware of this and persevere until you are convinced they are buying for good substantial reasons. Otherwise, expect to find a cancellation on your desk the next day.


You need to be on the ball with Style number SIX or you will end tee-shirt-two for oneup with a Tee Shirt that you didn’t know you wanted.



Style number SEVEN is most likely prepared to give you a hearing but if you suggest any tee-shirt-Been There Done Thattype of one-off special deal or the product is cheap (inexpensive) you will have them suggesting that you should leave. But they will do it all so politely.


As professionals, we need to be able to Listen and Observe and know what we are listening and looking for.

Read more about the styles in the book “Selling to the 7 Emotional Buying Styles” and download the Sales Analyzer app from the Google Play Store or Amazon – see links on the right.


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