Roadworks at Intersection

Roadworks of Business and Life

Gregory Ferrett

Welcome to Monday

I had been making good time traveling to an appointment, however, as I came around a

What are the road works in your life?
What are the road works in your life?

corner I was confronted with road works.  I had planned my trip based on everything going well and road works were definitely not in his plan. Worse still, these were serious road works with workmen holding stop signs and traffic was banking up.

As many of you know I took the challenge earlier this year to run 5km and decided to use the Smartphone app “couch to 5K”. Being a positive person I expected to just follow the program exactly and magically achieve my goal. I was not prepared for the struggle at the 3K mark and seemed to hit the wall.

I find no matter what I do in life, in business or sales, challenges occur. It may be as simple as road works or hitting the wall in a running program. Sometimes it is a prospect saying “no” and sometimes it is something life threatening. It is not the fact a challenge happens which determines success, it is how you deal with the challenge.

The challenges

OK, so the road works meant I was going to be late. I had a choice;

  • I could take a risk and speed. Of course the risk was I could still be late, be pulled over by the police and loose my licence, arrive in a grumpy mood or, worse,  have an accident and not arrive at all.
  • I could also accept the fact I was going to be late.

Of course I took the later. In fact I stopped, knowing I would be even later, and called my prospect explaining the situation. Much to my surprise they were human and understood. In that moment, stopped at the side of the road, I established rapport with my prospect and when I finally arrived closed the opportunity.

I approached the 3K mark and I could feel the chemistry of my body telling me “There is no way to go past this point“. In this situation I had a choice;

  • I could stop, like I had the previous three days, and accept this was my limit or
  • Push that little bit more.

Of course I took the latter. Over the next few days I increased just 100 meters more each time. Yesterday I ran my first full 5K with a bit in reserve.

So your client says “no” – what next?

I have found my prospects are more likely to say no when I have become too sure of myself and I have not taken the time to build rapport. When someone says “no” it is for one of two reasons;

  • They are not convinced the product or service you are offering will deliver the required results, or
  • If they are convinced they need the product or service you offer, they are not convinced you are the right person to buy from.

No” is like road works or hitting the wall when running. It stands in the way of a decision to buy from you.

I like to ask a simple question something like “Sharon, I understand what you are saying. Many others have made the same decision only to buy from me later with outstanding results. What about the proposal needs more clarification so we can discuss this further?” to test the situation. (This is a ‘sharp angle’ close so be sure to make this very specific for your situation)

Of course, if I have tried to shortcut the sale without building rapport, it is usually obvious by their body language and cold words.

Today’s question and actions

Road works and blockages are an everyday part of life. Here are two things you can do to help keep moving a decision forward;

  • People are human so invest time in building rapport each and every time you meet them. It is easy to assume rapport, especially with someone you know well, or your husband or wife. To influence them or make a sale they will only buy or agree with you once in rapport this particular time.
  • Accept there are road works and blockages in everything you do. It is how you deal with these which will determine your ongoing success.

Make every step, even the ones you find difficult, count. When you hit the wall it is a matter of just taking then next step and before you know it the “No” turns into a sale or a positive decision.

Have a great week.

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