Back View of a Person Hitting the Wall

What can you do when you ‘hit the wall’ and nothing seems to be Working?

By Gregory Ferrett

Welcome to Monday

Some Monday’s I wake up and no matter what I seem to do I just can’t get going. Other times I get to Thursday and my energy is just gone.

Finishing line - London Olympics Mens Marathon
Finishing line – London Olympics Marathon

I find being in Business or selling can be much like running a marathon. You are doing lots of things all the time and sometimes, like a long distance runner, your body and mind can become overwhelmed and you ‘hit the wall’.

Dick Beardsley, a marathon runner, speaking of hitting ‘The Wall’ said, “It felt like an elephant had jumped out of a tree onto my shoulders and was making me carry it the rest of the way in”

There are three types of energy powering your life. When one, or more, of these energy sources is running low you face ‘the wall’. Fortunately these energy sources are linked and there are simple strategies to get you moving again.

Powerhouse 1 – chemical energy

This is the physical energy your body stores up to run your body each day. Even when you are doing nothing your body consumes vast amounts of chemical energy pumping your blood, digesting your food and maintaining the cells which make up your body.

Powerhouse 2 – emotional energy

This is the energy of enthusiasm that brings joy to life. The smile of a child, the feeling of love, the happiness you feel when your football team wins. Everything you say and do is impacted by your emotional energy, either positive of negative.

Powerhouse 3 – mental energy

This is the energy of creativity. When you set a goal without knowing how to achieve it you use mental energy. You use energy solve problems, make decisions, write reports. In fact, your mental energy resources are a major determinant in the quality of life you have. If you have a goal and have no defined way of achieving it you will continue to drain your mental energy reserves until you have a plan.

Each of these energy sources is closely linked to the other two.

  • One five minute uncontrolled outburst of anger (negative emotional energy) can burn up the same amount as an eight hour day of physical energy.
  • One 30 minute walk (chemical energy) can create the same amount of mental energy used in a full day of work shopping the sales plan for the next year
  • Receiving a phone call (because you sent them a flower perhaps?) from someone you love (emotional energy) just before a physical challenge or tough mental assignment can recharge both of these energy sources.

When I ‘hit the wall’ and nothing else is working I stop and ask myself “Which of my three energy sources is dragging me down?”

Usually the answer is obvious.

  • It could be I have not taken the time to build up my physical reserve
  • It could be I have not been spending enough time with people I care about, or
  • I have set my goals in a way I can’t achieve wins along the way.

Today’s question and actions

Are there times when you ‘hit the wall’ and you feel the elephant on your shoulders? Here are some things you can do to help.

  1. Get out of the 9 to 5 mentality and decide ‘now is the time’. Stopping a workshop at 10AM for a 30 minute walk is much smarter than wasting a day of planning.
  2. Know you body chemistry. Start the day with a good nutritious meal. Replenish your body chemistry regularly with a balanced diet so you can keep your physical energy at high levels.
  3. Build your emotional energy by spending time with people who appreciate you. Stop and ‘smell the roses’ and allow time to enjoy your life.

Check out ‘How do laughing, kissing and closing a sale differ?‘ for other ideas to generate energy in your life.

The more energy you have, the happier and more productive you will be.

Have a great week!


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